About Us

VIDAL Swim is dedicated to shaking up and revolutionizing the women’s swimwear industry by creating unique swim accessories that completely re-imagines the way swimwear is worn.

The collection is set to excite and galvanize a whole new swimwear industry, using inventive swimwear accessories that pairs sleek, body-hugging swimsuits with an entire array of patterned and colored fabric bracelets, arm cuffs, anklets, collars and other accents. All accessories can be swapped out and shared between pieces, guaranteeing a new look each and every time.

Women’s swimwear really hasn’t changed all that much over time: it’s a one or two piece, then done.  No one has ever introduced an all-over swimsuit fashion look, from head to toe. We think women should be able to accentuate their individuality, let it shine forth.  Our collection allows women to use fun, interchangeable accessories that can indicate tone, mood, flavor or tastes – whatever they wish to communicate at any given time.  Basically, we’ve created a new, stylistic language in swimwear.  And it’s sleek and graceful, with plenty of attitude.  This collection represents a whole new way to approach swimwear. 

Designs are wide and varied, representing a whole geography of watery paradises, from St. Tropez and Ibiza, to South Beach and the golden coasts of California.  Just as jewelry or a scarf compliments an outfit, accessories transform a simple garment into a statement.  Accessorizing becomes a form of communication between the garment’s wearer and the world, a way to interact with both one’s environment and those in the environment.  VIDAL Swim brings those same design elements to complete an all-over swim fashion look. You wouldn’t wear just a dress to a party without accessorizing. So why wear a swimsuit without accessories?

There are unlimited opportunities to be YOU in your swimwear.  Get ready for the most Instagrammable pieces that will take your swim outfit from zero to 100 quicker than you can refresh your feed.

Make a splash in your VIDAL Swim Accessory and Swimsuit!

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